Rotary Steam Engine 2

The latest Rumsey Rotary design has now been moved into Solid Works, and animated:

The first iteration was “printed” in plastic earlier this year (2014), revealing some problems: the cam plate diameter needed to be much greater, in order to lessen the pressure angle and so  cycle the valve gates.  The smaller diameter cam plate seemed as though it would simply batter the cam followers to bits.  Now that the cam plate has become much bigger, it will also be necessary to lighten it; it will actually be closer to  the “skeletonized” cam plate in Rumsey’s original.  The animated design does not reflect this.  Also missing in the animation are the extension return springs, for the valve gates.

Major parts – rotor, casing, gate bodies, gates – will be machined  early 2015.  We are moving into the development stage; details will be posted!


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